CSR Activity

Acharya Vidyasagar Public School

At Rajdhani Flour Mills we recognize our duty to give back to the people who have shown their immense trust and confidence in using our products which has in turn made an essential household item Besan synonymous with the Rajdhani brand.

Our vision is to help in building an inclusive India and we feel one of the ways of doing that is by providing best in class education to children in remote areas who will shape our future in these regions. There are significant inequalities in access to secondary education as far as income,gender, social group and geography are concerned. The capacity of the secondary schooling system needs to be significantly expanded across India. To help achieve these developmental challenges, Rajdhani Flour Mills has helped to start Acharya Vidyasagar Public School, Khanyadhani, Madhya Pradesh with a vision to shape and bring holistic development for the young minds. We strive not only to provide academic knowledge but also impart skills that help them with their overall development which would help these young minds lead a more balanced and successful life.

Mahavir International Delhi - A Voluntary charitable Non-religious NGO.

We at Rajdhani Flour Mills firmly believe that true kindness is in selflessness and found Mahavir International (MI) working on a very similar philosophy.

MI started out in 1975 with the vision of working selflessly, with dedication and with full commitment to alleviate the sufferings of people who could not afford good medical care. Today there are over 447 centres worldwide, including five abroad in USA, Australia, UK, Dubai and Singapore. The organization boasts of a committed member base of 8500 who are holding the beacon high. One of these centres is housed in one the earliest factories of Rajdhani Flour Mills.

Our objective is to provide specialised and quality Eye Care and Health Care to the poor and needy strata of society who are unable to afford these basic rights. The organization is service oriented in the deepest sense. Although the focus of MI, Delhi, continues to remain on eye care, the organization is always at the forefront whenever there are any kind of calamities and have contributed to rehabilitation programmes in more ways than one. We at RFML continue to contribute to MI in all these endeavours.

Today, MI Delhi is running 6 Centres with 3 Ultra Modern Eye Operation Theatres, 3 with Physiotherapy Units, 1 with MRI and CT scan facility, 2 with X-Ray facility and 1 with retina unit. By running six well-equipped centres, it has medical aid to more than 45 lakh patients, performing 27,344 cataract surgeries and corona implants with free pick up and drop back transport facility, organizing over 2820 free check-up camps, besides securing over 33,484 eye pledges and over 257 actual eye donations.

Plastic Waste Collection

Team Rajdhani embarks on a mission to contribute to save our planet. We have collected nearly 275,000 Kgs of plastic waste from Delhi and neighbouring states for recycling. We want to create a cleaner and healthier environment for us and our generations to come